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Plumón is based on the concept of clothing, on dressing and undressing furniture.
Adopting a tailoring approach, Patricia Urquiola designs the new family with a reference to the characteristic Brazilian spirit, which lives in abundant, roomy, comfortable furnishings, somehow evocative of distant landscapes and cultures.
For Plumon, Urquiola designs a light structure, on which a tailored and padded dress is ‘moored’, wrapped. This ribbed padding, characterized
by stitching, as well as being an aesthetic figure, fulfills the comfort of the product. It is the fit that guides the aesthetics. With a few simple gestures, the dress is placed on the rigid teak structure and embraces it. An extreme ease of use that becomes a real plus for an outdoor collection.
A comfort that is also emphasized visually, thanks to the padded dress that generously also embraces the armrests and the outside of the backrest.

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