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Raemian Gallery



Raemian Gallery

Raemian Gallery is a space that proposes a new residential life where harmony, tradition and modernity are key elements. Located in Seoul, the space is divided in public and private areas. In the lobby there are the various meeting zones, VIP room, exhibition space and a cafe with a void in central part that brings natural light to the environment. Each small area is sort of drifting in an open space like a detached island, evoking a desire for wandering and discovery. The intention, for the interior design, was to create a welcoming and functional space by giving each zone an individual mood while keeping an open dialogue between different functions.
In the private areas, an individual tailor-made experience for each part of the apartment was conceived where interiors feature a blend of bespoke pieces, contemporary products and design icons. They are all in a dialogue with each other connecting rooms together. Common and private parts of the apartment are spread alongside a Gallery corridor. Warm and peaceful colors work as a backdrop for a sophisticated display of elements with an elegant balanced look.

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