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Igniv Bangkok



Igniv Bangkok

Patricia Urquiola designs the fourth IGNIV restaurant of the starred chef Andreas Caminada, in cosmopolitan Bangkok. Located within the St. Regis hotel, the 150-square-meter space welcomes 55 guests in a refined and contemporary environment.
Patricia Urquiola wanted to reproduce the typical embracing atmosphere of IGNIV by conveying the idea of a warm and intimate cocoon where to dine in absolute intimacy. Nevertheless, the fine-dining location also communicates details of Asian culture in a subtle and never predictable way.
A distinguishing feature of IGNIV Bangkok is the fact that it opens up to the city thanks to Patricia Urquiola’s choice of large windows, letting natural light in and making it dialogue gently with a vivid color palette and vegetation inside. Still, at the same time, the restaurant results to be a retreat from the busy city life. A realm of privacy.

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