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Sengu table



Sengu table

Patricia Urquiola transfers the poetry and conviviality of the Sengu sofa to the dining room, recalling the Japanese ritual of the perennial construction and reconstruction of shrines over the years.
Sengu Table is an almost monumental piece of furniture that celebrates conviviality through poetic dialogue, placing an accent on the union of different materials that together express great visual tactility.
The oval and round table is characterised by a solid wood structure with an oval leg which is connected by one or two crosspieces to the two cylindrical legs. The top is in the same wood essence as the structure – Canaletto walnut, natural oak or stained black oak – or combined with a cylindrical column of strong presence available in a selection of marbles and coloured ceramics.
A Lazy Susan in enamelled ceramic is available for the round version, as another important reference to oriental dining traditions.

ph Valentina Sommariva

ph Valentina Sommariva

ph Gionata Xerra

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