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The Objets Nomades Stool

Louis Vuitton


The Objets Nomades Stool
Louis Vuitton2015

The Stool, a Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades design, takes a dual inspiration: while open, from the foldable seats used by fishermen; when closed, by the delicate shapes of a clutch handbag. The Stool combines elegance, ease of transport and comfort thanks, to its lightweight aluminium frame, gold-plated hinges and leather seat. It is available in three versions, each reflecting a different mood in its chosen materials. One is made with traditional Nomade leather, with a canvas lining and gold-plate detailing; the second has bright-yellow leather with a woven 3D lining; while the third has a sober, refined grey and black frame and leather seat, with a striking blue lining.

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