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Stanzas – Elle Decor Grand Hotel



Stanzas – Elle Decor Grand Hotel

Conceived for the first edition of the exhibition Elle Decor Grand Hotel at Milan’s Palazzo Morando, Patricia Urquiola thought of a Grand Hotel room, avoiding an interpretation in serial, repetitive ‘sample room’ style, preferring to imagine a series of rooms as the random moments of a story.

The furnishings are therefore a series of fragments, a private interpretation of the many ways of experiencing the interiors of a room in a Grand Hotel.

Raised fragments trace a path for the visitor and mark the pace of the story; a black edge defines the horizon of accessibility and gathers the objects that traveller fills their space with. Then, around the room, virtual traces, hypnotic presences, fragments of memories to give the same feeling we all share when we enter the room of a Grand Hotel.

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