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Cassina Showroom Durini – Salone 2017



Cassina Showroom Durini – Salone 2017

For the company’s 90th anniversary, Cassina Showroom has been renovated with a project by Patricia Urquiola, who, in addition to rethinking the existing spaces, also integrates a 110m² area in the basement. The exhibition areas are revamped according to Cassina’s In-Store Philosophy 3.0, starting from the shop windows, which have been renewed with antireflection glass with black frames and the new black iron entrance threshold opens the door to the main path in ‘seminato veneziano’ leading you inside the showroom. This differs from the remaining pavement, made of staves of brushed oak. The new annex is a basement part that has been linked to the existing showroom by a new iron and wooden stair, with a backside foggy mirror reflecting the stairs and the original granite columns on the upper floor. For Salone 2017, the new products are exhibited following the key points highlighted in the monograph This Will Be the Place: the concepts of fluidity of space, hybridization of types, and circularity of time and forms.


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