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A Castiglioni



A Castiglioni

The exhibition examines Castiglioni’s work in a transversal manner, ranging from design to architecture through to exhibition displays. The curation and installation is entrusted to Patricia Urquiola in collaboration with Federica Sala.  The aim is to showcase Castiglioni’s bestselling products – most of which are still in production today – , and to tell about his simple and direct approach, his irony as well as the method he taught to generations of designers.

To give a clear picture of this timeless icon, the curators decided not to adopt a chronological or schematic approach but to show his work through a series of overlapping and intersecting aggregates of content. The idea is thus to create a map of recurrent macro and micro concepts in his designs, in a non-hierarchical, non-linear manner. The designs are thus grouped in twenty clusters and placed in relation to each other, in order to illustrate Castiglioni’s approach to design and the method he adopted in his work, from product design to large-scale architecture.

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