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Venus Power



Venus Power

Black lines define the perimeter of floating shapes and identify the single letters that compose the phrase “We all come from Venus”.

A mission statement that alludes to Graffiti Art, also applied in the collection’s hypnotic texture: a vortex of color inspired by the intriguing atmosphere of Venus. Completely hand-knotted by Tibetan artisans, the decisive black lines of the design are hand-carved to gently rise in a soft and curved 3D form, which is repeated in the silhouette of the rugs, a tribute to feminine archetypes.
The Venus Power collection is a group of 4 rugs: Weallcomefromvenus, Nuvola, Cirrus and Venus, all available in 3 different color combinations: blue, pink and green.

ph Claudia Zalla

‘We all come from Venus’ blue rug

ph Claudia Zalla

‘Nuvola’ pink rug

‘Venus’ blue rug

‘Cirrus’ pink rug

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