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Raiz and Cascas



Raiz and Cascas

Raiz and Cascas, designed for the debut of ETEL International, the Brazilian furniture company’s first opening towards non-Brazilian designers, are the result of an innovative research on materials and high craftsmanship. The two collections are made out of ETEL’s FSC certified Amazonian wood with bold designs underlining the use of this precious material, combined with once-waste-leftover.
For the Raiz console and coffee tables, the top parts are made out of Marwoolus, developed by Marco Guazzini, a compost of marble waste and wool yarns reproducing the veins of the marble. The smooth roundness of the Cascas side table and the tea trolley is thought to show the quality of the wood used whereas the top trays are exclusively developed by ETEL by using natural resin and leftover wood chips from production.

ph Fernando Laszlo

Cascas – ph Fernando Laszlo


Raiz – ph Fernando Laszlo

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