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Felt, a natural, warm and malleable material, was the starting point of the design of the Nuances carpets. The intention was to to reinvent the traditional manufacturing, with a technique allowing the recycling of discarded felt fibres. This led to the merging of different colours and material densities, resulting in a new stone-like appearance. This collection for GAN consists of three rugs with different patterns (Curve, Line and Round) and a pouf, which can be combined into an infinite variety of architectural geometries. Three colour-sequences, starting from stone grey, develop into natural colour palettes: rose and burgundy (Burgundy), green and blue (Naiad) and earth and lava (Volcano). Nuances flow, like its name indicates: the lines open and close, colours blur and focus on a visual and tactile game, that turns the collection into an intentionally sensorial and artistic experience. Each piece of Nuances is entirely sewn by hand.

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