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The Lilo Collection for Moroso encompasses a variety of complementary inspirations and citations – from the great era of Scandinavian style, the modernist current of the 1950s and the work of some of the greatest masters of design and of Achille Castiglioni for whom Patricia worked as his assistant at the beginning of her career.

The classic wooden structure of the line, evoking pure relaxation, supports the weight of the padding, positioned according to ergonomics. The soft and accommodating collection is versatile. The single armrest of  the chaise-longue, supported by a tubular wooden frame, eases the seating. Two versions of the armchair differ in their top half: the headrest is reduced in the first one, without forfeiting comfort, but gains generous proportions in the Wing version with upholstered sides. Lilo also comprises a three-legged stool in the same spirit.

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