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Habito is the name of the new Weekend Max Mara Signature Collection co-created together with Patricia Urquiola for Fall Winter 2022-23. Hybridization pervades the collection, in terms of eye-catching mismatches of contrasting graphic patterns, colors, textures and even parts of different silhouettes to unpredictable effect. Silhouettes are roomy, wide and loose and the collection balances personality and comfort for refined travelers and their fast-paced live.

“‘Habito’, in Spanish, refers to ‘habits’ and ‘to inhabit’ in the first person. My work is everyday research about how we can inhabit a space or a living experience at different dimensions. Why not also garments? They are pieces of our houses that we bring with us in our path. The collection’s narrative is about hybrid pieces that welcome you as a home. An emotional habitat”

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