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Andreu World2023

The Bolete Lounge BIO® is a lounge chair with a single upholstered module without arms that can be used as
an individual piece or combined with each other to form curved compositions that convey balance and uniqueness.
The intention has been to create a sofa that would spark conversation and recreate an unexpected corner of privacy to conceive a space that is different from traditional meeting rooms or seating arrangements. Bolete Lounge BIO®’s central base is one of its most outstanding elements, with an organic shape and an expressive texture with grooves that give it a unique personality. To guarantee maximum comfort, where ergonomics is key, its eat and the generous dimensions of its backrest allow it to adapt to the body, offering ideal support for different physiognomies and sitting postures. Sofa Bolete Lounge BIO’s central base stands out for its organic shape and its striking grooved texture that gives it its unique personality. It is made of 100% natural origin BIO® thermopolymer, 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable making it an environmentally friendly piece at the end of its lifecycle.

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