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With Anorak, a new modular system designed for Moroso, wearability becomes the prelude to a new way of living and thinking about upholstered seating. Undressed, in its construction choices Anorak reveals how the concept of wearability represents only the apex of a complex design system. Every single element that makes up the sofa can be disassembled; the upholstery is not attached to the structure, but can be removed, slid off.

The materials come from 100% industrial recycling. Nylon, jersey and polyester chenille surprise with aesthetic strength, softness to the touch and vivid colours, demonstrating how the experience of a recycled fabric is now comparable to that of a natural fibre.

Anorak, in its presence, is an extremely comfortable and cosy sofa. A modular system characterised by slightly informal and relaxed seating, designed for use in a domestic setting but capable of meeting the hospitality needs of public-use spaces as well.

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