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Almendra is a modular, customizable and extensible lighting system designed for contract environments that have captured the new contemporary living and hospitality needs: spaces that, when it comes to aesthetics, atmosphere and sensuality, are inspired by residential.

Designing in an almost biophilic way, with Almendra Urquiola thought of a module whose shape resembles that of two shells of an open almond, connected by a central pin. It is from here that, thanks to a LED source, the light is diffused and comes out evenly and occupies the entire open surface. The module, assembled on a linear or curved shaft, can be set to obtain a series of solutions: with 3, 4 or 6 lights, which can be positioned downwards or upwards.

The Almendra module was made, both in the opaque and in the transparent side, with a polycarbonate derived from a by-product of paper production: tallolja in Swedish and tall oil in English (literally pine oil). This viscous liquid, which escapes naturally during the process of extracting cellulose from wood during the production of paper, has been used for years to produce inks. Thanks to recent technologies, however, it is now used to obtain a polycarbonate that has all the characteristics of the traditional one.

The absence of adhesives has several advantages: first of all, it makes it very easy to replace the LEDs through the Flos after-sales service, in the event that malfunctions occur. Secondly, Almendra can be disassembled and each part can be recycled correctly depending on the material it is made of: to facilitate correct disposal, the indications with the recycling class have been engraved on the aluminum body and polycarbonate petals.

The shaft and the lighting fixture on which the Almendra modules are placed are instead made of extruded aluminum, 100% recyclable.

©Tommaso Sartori

©Tommaso Sartori

©Tommaso Sartori

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