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Marienturm and Marienforum



Marienturm and Marienforum

The interior design for Marienturm and Marienforum (two new towers in the heart of Frankfurt’s financial district) is influenced by the nearby Taunusanlage Park. It unifies two different atmospheres inside the buildings, a relationship between Work and Nature. The Marienturm’s interiors focus on communicative zones. A 17-metre-high lobby acts as a transit zone between working environments and nature, blended by contrasting materials (wood, stone, marble, metal) and unique patterns and textures. Focal point from inside and outside, a wall (ash wood blocks sticking out from the vertical alignment) create a strong, pixel-like pattern. Marienforum follows the same concept, with different materials, while a diagonal pattern unites both designs. Walnut wood ceiling and counters play with the same diagonal pattern.

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