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All Ambiq for Glasstress



All Ambiq for Glasstress

All Ambiq was an installation of hand-blown glass vessels, exhibited at the second edition of Glasstress, during the Venice Art Biennale of 2011, previously previewed in a collateral event during Milan Design Week same year.

The exhibition theme was the complex relationship that ties art, design and architecture together, in an age thought to have moved beyond modernism. Comparing the opinions of various curators, Glasstress addressed this issue through glass objects sculptures, specially made by designers and artists on the contemporary scene, whose research was influenced by the formal aspect of the use of the object.

Housed in a traditional workshop, All Ambiq for Glasstress explores the contemporary application and interpretation of Murano glasswork. Each of the whimsical vessels (with mutated forms resembling birds, coral and plant-life) is intricate in design, featuring contrasting sharp colours and patterns.

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